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Circle & Luck - A World of Connection

Why We Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of Love Bracelets: A blog about the importance of love and love bracelets.

Love is a strong emotion that binds people closer together and makes them feel connected. No matter how far they are, they still want to feel connected in many ways. And that’s why Circle & Luck was created so that everyone can feel connected in their own special ways — such as A Love Bracelet.

So why get a Love Bracelet?

Wearing our bracelet will help you remember that special feeling of love.

It's great for busy people who can't call or write to someone often and for people who can't see their loved ones often.

There's also no need to worry about the battery running out, the bracelet will last long enough even with daily use!

And what makes our bracelets, different is that it's more than just an accessory. The bracelet is made with a touch-sensitive LED screen that will light up whenever you tap it and signals to the other bracelet worn by your loved one to remind them that you are fondly thinking of them!

It's not just a love bracelet, it's a reminder of all the feelings you have for them!

Circle & Luck makes it very easy to connect with the ones that you live close to. But the real magic happens when you can be with your loved ones wherever they are. It would seem like the Love Bracelets are the perfect way to do that, and they are great conversation starters, too (or at least we find it so)! We can’t wait to see Circle & Luck stretch its wings and bring people even closer together. Get yours now!