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Express Your Love By Crossing Miles With Circle & Luck's Love Bracelets

Have you ever needed a way to send your love from far where you can't see them? And do you want to let them know that you're thinking about them? If so, well Circle & Luck's love bracelets are the perfect gift for them.

These bracelets are a simple yet highly sophisticated accessories that sends a personal touch that lets your loved ones know how much you love them.

It works by communicating wirelessly with a smartphone app, it has a LED sensor that lights up when touched.

This bracelet is for anyone who needs some reassurance that their loved ones are still thinking about them.


This product is powered by any smartphone's Bluetooth wireless technology. Simply download the free app to your iOS or Android phone, and connect your phone with the band.

The Circle & Luck is 100% eco-friendly, with no toxic materials.

No matter how far you are away from the people you love, these bracelets will try its best to drive that feeling away and bring both of you closer.

Give someone you love something remarkable. Order today!