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Keep The Love Alive, Send Your Loved Ones These Long Distance Love Bracelets

We’re so excited to announce our new line of Love Bracelets!

Circle & Luck offers Love Bracelets that are not only an adorable way of telling the world who you love, but are also a great tool to help you engage with those you care about.

Love Bracelets come in three different varieties:

Long Distance: For those of you in a long distance relationship and need something to connect you to your loved one.

Love: For those who want to show their significant other some extra love.

Family: For those who want to keep their families close no matter where they are.


We hope these simple bracelets will help your loved ones feel close during those times when they can't be physically present. We know that often it's the little things that make the biggest difference!

Wear a Love Bracelet and let us help you bridge the gap between your heart and those that matter most! Order yours today!