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Light Up Your Love Story With Circle & Luck Bracelets

Not just a couple’s bracelet but a bond touch love bracelet. Our concept is to connect everyone who is in a long-distance relationship or just anyone who wants to stay connected with their loved ones. The bracelet's motion sensor lights up when touched and sends the signal to the other bracelet. It is a unique and perfect way of sending "I love you" and 'I miss you".

To enhance your relationship with our bracelets. A simple flash from your bracelet to your loved ones creates a special moment in your life. We hope to be part of those moments that you share with the people you love.



We believe in the future, everyone will have a space for themselves, and everyone will have their own opinions and thoughts. However, we also believe that it is possible to experience freedom together. We feel lonely quite often, so do everyone else. We created this product to prevent us from throwing away thoughts like "I don't want to bother others" or "I don't want others to worry about me". Everyone has their own way of being free, but together we can broaden each other's horizons and experience more of this world. We want people who are using our products to feel happy, joyful, and most importantly, feel free.

Feel the warmth, feel the distance- at any time.

All couples, long distance or not, need to have this bracelet no matter what.

Distance is no more than a number when you have us by your side.

There are several bracelet makers out there, but at Circle & Luck, we believe in putting your best into every product we create. We know you'll love your bracelets as much as we do. Order a pair now!