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Sending Love with Just A Touch

We believe in love. No matter how far you are from your favorite people, let them have a little piece of your heart and never let a day go by without thinking about them.

With Circle & Luck's long-distance bracelets, you can:

  • Connect with your loved ones in an innovative way

  • Have bracelets that light up on each other’s bracelets with just a single tap

  • Share feelings whenever you miss them

  • Celebrate the important moments together! You touch your bracelet, they see it!

  • Stay connected with your loved one, discreetly and instantly. A tap to exchange hearts and smiles is enough to stay connected.

These bond touch bracelets are perfect for couples, friends, and family who want to feel each other's presence even when far apart.

Not only do we want to share love, spread good vibes, but let our customers know that we're here for them. Let our Love Bracelets be a reminder of someone special you miss, or even as a symbol of strength and togetherness.

Get a pair today!