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Are You Romantic Enough to Get a Pair of These Bracelets?

Being separated from the people you love most is difficult. Longing creeps up on us in unexpected situations and all we want is to be reminded of their love. This is a problem that Circle & Luck aims to solve-we are a brand focused on providing innovative solutions to problems caused by distance and time apart.

Circle & Luck draws inspiration from your feelings of nostalgia, sadness, and appreciation caused by the distance between loved ones. We merge touch and communication technology with our fine jewelry to achieve this goal.

Get a pair for you and your mother, father, partner, friend, or sibling and send it to them as a gift!

Surprise them by touching your bracelet causing theirs to light up expressing your glowing affection for them. Now, you won't be too lonely knowing that at any second, your bracelet will light up which means the person with the other bracelet is thinking of you.

Hooked? Order a pair now and trust us, you won't regret it!