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Circle & Luck Bracelets: A Way To Remind Someone You're Thinking Of Them

We've been together for years & we know it's hard to be apart. So, to remind you of how much we love each other, we are bringing an everlasting gift for you, the C & L Love Bracelet. Our love bracelets let's your other half know that you thought of them with a cute bond-touch bracelet that notifies your love one's away a signal of your love.

L to C, here's why you should send your partner a little love in the form of C&L Love Bracelets:

- C&L bracelets are the perfect gift for couples who live far apart.

- Your loved ones will get a special surprise every time they receive a notification from you with the bracelet.

- Love is connection and C&L is designed to be a symbol of your bond with your one true love.

- For lovers who live on different sides of the world, distance has never been a barrier that could have stopped them from expressing their love and affection.

- The emotional connections that are made during our times of togetherness are still felt by both parties despite being physically far apart.

- The more you wear it, the closer you feel and the more connected you become with your loved one!

We pride ourselves in bringing all of you the most unique and relationship-driven products! With all of our products, we hope to build on a positive and reinforcing relationship with you all. Our products are designed to be gifts that let your other half know you’re thinking of them, even when you're not together. We believe that it's time for you to get our love bracelets!