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Circle & Luck's Love Bracelet – Jewelry that brings people closer together!

For all our friends and family members, whether near or far, distance never separates the ones connected by the heart. If you're thinking of someone close to your heart and want to bring them closer, you've come to the right place!

Do you know that feeling of seeing something and realizing it's perfect? This is how you'll feel about Circle & Luck's Love Bracelets!

Circle & Luck is a brand for everyone who loves to enjoy life. We offer products that are effortless, stylish, and fun - because we believe beautiful moments are the most important things in life.


No matter if you live close or far away from each other, our love bracelets will be a constant reminder to know that even if you are apart, they are still connected in every way.

Our Love Bracelet is not just for couples, but for family and friends as well! Especially for those that are separated by distance. You can reconnect and let them know that you think of them, with our bond touch bracelets. A perfect gift no matter what the occasion is!

With so many heart touching moments taken for granted and not shared with those around us, its time we made an effort to change that. And one of the ways to bring more love, smiles and unity in a relationship is by giving a gift that reminds each other how much you care. Visit our store and get yours now!