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Our Love Bracelets Are Made for People Who Truly Care For Each Other Despite the Distance

Love is a bond that connects people, and our bond touch bracelets does exactly that!

We all have someone we always want to be with. But sometimes, it's hard to show them how much we care about them, especially if we're apart from them. That's why Circle & Luck created these ground-breaking bond touch Love Bracelets.

When you wear a C&L bracelet, you have something to look forward to. You have someone to go home to. Even if you are miles apart in distance.


When love has a hold of you, it's hard to let go. C&L Bracelets help you feel that bond for a long time. When you wear them, your loved one is always with you.

That's why we've created Bond bracelets: simple, elegant reminders of special times in your life—wrapped in an adorable package and delivered right to your door.

We'd love to see you wear one too—just head over here and check out all your options!