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Why these Circle and Luck Bond Touch Bracelets are the Newest Craze

If you have someone special in your life, then chances are the two of you live far apart from each other or travel often. Giving gifts has always been a challenge for long-distance couples or those who travel a lot. You can't go wrong with giving something that keeps them close to your heart and gives them a little touch of your love.

This is where Circle & Luck comes in! They offer bond touch bracelets that show how much you care. These one-of-a-kind bracelets feature designs and include charms that make powerful symbols of love and friendship!

What are the bracelets?

Circle and Luck's Love Bracelets are practically love you wear around your wrist. They are touch-sensitive bracelets that light up when tapped and signal the person wearing the other bracelet that you thought of them by flashing amazing colors!

How do they work?

These hit bracelets work by creating an account through an app called Totwoo, which can be found both in Google Play and App Store. Each person creates an app and connects their bracelets to their account through Bluetooth. You also need an internet connection for the bracelet to work so make sure to check the signal first if you live or work in an area with difficult access to the internet.

Bond Touch Bracelets should be all the rave for long-distance couples, families living in different places, and those who travel often! Make sure your loved one feels your love even from a distance. Get yours now!