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Your next gift to your significant other better be these!

We are living in the era of instant gratification and sometimes, there’s nothing more annoying than longing for that perfect connection with your loved ones. You can send cookies or call but they’re not as personal as a Love Bracelet from Circle & Luck.

Why order the love bracelets?

  • It's a badge of honor that marks your long-distance relationship. It's a way to show you're connected in a deeper way than just as friends.
  • This isn't a bracelet that you wear 24/7 and forget about, it's something that you cherish and keep safe.


  • For us, it's not just about the looks or the benefits that the bracelets can bring, it's about the story behind the bracelets. The endless love that lives in each one of them.
  • We create meaningful products that connect people by sharing their emotions and memories.
  • It doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man - our bracelets look great on everybody!

Circle & Luck is the perfect gift for your friend/sibling/spouse who is going far away. Long distance relationships are tough but with Circle & Luck you will always have some kind of physical touch with your significant other. I love these bracelets so much, and once you try them out you will too! Get yours now!